Stair Envy


Not just a utilitarian way to access different floors. Sculptural, textural, play of lighting, pattern, form… Stairs can definitely be an opportunity for a wow moment!


Cool Kitchen Trend

Cladding with metal - the island or even the surrounding cabinetry makes a huge impact.  It's definitely eye catching, and looks amazing antiqued with a beautiful patina, or gleaming with a mirror finish.  It's a great way to highlight different materials.  I think it looks best when the cabinetry profiles are kept very clean and minimal, but love how it contrasts in the image with the wood herringbone floor.  And it's a fresh new way to highlight the new and very-now metal finishes:  antique brass, gold and copper.

Cool Kitchen Trend, part ii


Dramatic marble slab back-splashes.  The strong organic lines of the veining looks amazing against modern cabinetry, and is a no-brainer with more traditional cabinetry.  The organic look of marble contrasts brilliantly with metal cladding - as seen in the last image.


How To Make A Statement With Bookshelves


And impress all of your friends with your erudite-ness.

A bookshelf can be wonderfully functional and become a dramatic focal point in a room.  Who doesn't love form AND function?


Come to the Dark Side


I'm in love with black.  For interiors, for exteriors, for accessories, light fixtures...  It adds so much drama, and colors really pop against a black backdrop.  And as these photos show, black works brilliantly in many different styles, from classical to feminine glamor to super clean-lined modern.


Kitchens I love


If there is only one room in your whole house that you can invest your time and money in, it should be the kitchen.  It not only improves how you live, it's a great investment. Improvements to your kitchen can get you a return on your investment from 100% - 150%. And let's face it, even if you think you're in your forever home, a house is always an investment and it's a good idea to keep re-sale in the back of your mind.  Wise choices that get you a good return on your investment, while also being beautiful and appealing are a win-win.